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Meet Boyle'n Point

They are the powerhouse couple currently dominating the Sport Fishing industry and competitive tournament circuit. Between building their boats, family, and brand, Michelle and Stephen Boyle have become a force to be reckoned with. Get to know the duo behind the ultimate lifestyle, Boyle'n Point - Contender Boats Dealer and Offshore Store in St. Pete Beach.

Coming from very similar upbringings, Stephen and Michelle developed their passion for fishing and the saltwater lifestyle at a young age. Stephen, a native Floridian, grew up cast-netting pancakes at sunrise before eating them at breakfast. With his passion for fishing combined with his drive to become competitive in the sport, his novice Gulf Coast fishing soon led him to the 242.

Michelle grew up sailing the Caribbean, Great Lakes and the Chesapeake Bay with her family, often fishing along the way and learning from her older brother. Early in her career, Michelle moved to the Florida Keys where she became a sailing instructor, skin diving instructor and marine biology instructor at Seacamp; undoubtedly spending any free time fishing the reefs and mangroves, learning to spearfish and getting scuba certified.

Like a good bottle of red wine, their personalities also blended well together. As fate would have it, Michelle and Stephen initially met as wine distributors rather than anglers. Their love for a buttery chardonnay paired with their love for a buttery Florida lobster tail – cheers to that! It wasn’t long until they were catching, cleaning, and cooking together. The Boyle’s, who are now a family of 5, have two boys, Jacob, and Jackson (or as Stephen may say, protégés) as well as the infamous Boston Terrier co-captain, Red. If they’re not on the boat, it’s safe to say you can find the Boyle family in the kitchen, creating mouthwatering sashimi platters, pan seared filets and everything in between. (Keep an eye out for these recipes on their Instagram stories @Seachelle_BoylenPoint or @Ballyhoo_BoylenPoint)

Not many anglers, let alone teams have the privilege and veteran reputation to say they have dominated the leaderboard for tournaments year-round, such as the Meat Mayhem Series, Pelagic Shamrock Shootout, and Old Salt Ladies Fishing Series - But this privilege has been patiently earned through experience. Having many years of combined trial and tribulation, not only putting in the hours on the engines, but quite literally blood, sweat, and tears. Michelle and Stephen attribute much of their knowledge and now success to the experiences gained from fishing with so many different anglers throughout their lives. The Boyle's are quite truly some of the most down-to-earth and humble people you will ever meet, work with, and hopefully fish with or against.

Stephen and Michelle Boyle, now most known by their reputable team Contender and Pelagic boat, “Boyle'n Point”, prefers to spend their time hunting slob wahoo’s before the sun comes up, over sleeping in on Sunday’s. Whether they’re in St Pete Beach catching Gag Grouper and bottom fish, deep dropping for Queen Snapper in the Bahamas, freediving for Lobster in the Keys, or even making Marlin dance in Costa Rica, this dynamic duo is slaying offshore from coast to coast.

Their passion for Contender Boats combined with their genuine love of Pelagic fishing in and under the water, is what sets the Boyle’s apart. After purchasing their first Contender Boat together, they knew that it was just the beginning. Spectating is not their sport - diving right in is. They are making a splash across the fishing and boating world that will have a ripple effect on everything they touch.

Their most recent awards have been, First place OBB Wahoo Charity Cup 2021 as well as First place lady angler OBB Wahoo Charity Cup 2018 and 2021! Their list of accomplishments are about as vast and deep as the ocean itself - and Stephen and Michelle say they're just getting started!

Meet the Boys

Jacob, 13 years-old and Jackson, 12 years-old, are the two sons of Stephen and Michelle Boyle and fifth generation St. Petersburg natives - you could say these boys have saltwater running in their blood.

Jacob Boyle

Jacob Boyle, 13, is the oldest Boyle brother and an avid spearfishing and freediver. When he's not on the boat, Jacob's either swimming, reading, or hanging out with friends and family. His close friends describe him as funny, smart, loyal, and determined. He loves his dog Red, his family, and on a good day, his brother Jackson.

When asked about his best offshore experience, Jacob described his “hole in the wall” trip with his friend Noah and family. "It was the first time I’d slept on a boat and it was an unforgettable first. During our 2-day trip we caught the big four: a huge Tuna, some Mahi, Wahoo, and Kingfish. But in the water, I feel like I’ve done it all…," explained Jacob. He said, "I’ve dove in blue water, speared many different species, caught lobsters in the Keys, gaffed huge Wahoo, dove for scallops, swam with dolphins and manatees, on top of some other incredible experiences all on our Contender, the best boats in the game."

Jackson Boyle

Jackson Boyle, 12, is the youngest Boyle brother and quite the adrenaline junkie and competitive angler! He explained his favorite locations to fish being in the Florida Keys and Bahamas, but also expressed his passion for tournament fishing, describing his biggest accomplishment thus far being from the 2020 Pelagic Shamrock Shootout in Palm Beach when he caught a 17.6 lb. blackfin tuna.

When asked about his favorite fish to catch, Jackson said, "I've gotta say Mahi… chasing them down is a lot fun and while you're reeling them in, they jump, and I love their bright blue and green colors. Plus they taste great so you can't beat that!"


  • 3rd Place Gag, 3rd Place Snapper Old Salt Ladies Tournament, 2017
  • 1st Place Triple Tail Marathon Offshore Bull & Cow Tournament, 2018
  • Two Top 5 placements in the Key West Marlin tournament, 2016 & 2019
  • Top Team Seaspray Tournament 2019 – 5th Place on Family Circus
  • 1st Place Grouper Old Salt ladies tournament - 2020
  • Meat Mayhem Bimini Wahoo Series, 2020-6th place overall and 3rd place daily; 2019- Top Mahi & Tier A Aggregate Day 1,3rd Place Overall, 2nd Place Daily & 3rd Place Daily - Meat Mayhem Wahoo Invitational, 2021
  • 1st Place OBB Wahoo Charity Cup, 2021, Top Ten Finishes- 2019, 2018
  • 1st Place Lady Angler OBB Wahoo Charity Cup, 2018 & 2021
  • Michelle has been featured in Spearing Magazine twice as a Top Female Freediver and they were featured again in Spearing Magazine in an article about crossing to the Bahamas and diving.
  • Featured as a family in Florida Sportsman Magazine for an enormous Cobia caught off St. Pete Beach.